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The First Thing “Jews for Jesus” Don’t Want You to Know

They believe Jesus is G-d Himself and aren’t satisfied with “Son of G-d”

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The First Thing “Jews for Jesus” Don’t Want You to Know
The first thing Messianic Jews don’t want you to know is that they believe that Jesus is the Creator Himself, he’s not just a prophet or G-d’s messenger.  

They believe he created the world and took the Jews out of Egypt afterwards conceived a child with the virgin Mary and went into her womb to be born as a human similar to a dybbuk that possesses the soul of a person. This human later grew up and was crucified by other people.

This whole scenario strange as it sounds is what the Jews for Jesus/ Messianic Jews believe. Whoever does not believe that Jesus was a God that entered the body of a person is a heretical disbeliever in the first founding principal of the Messianic Jews and can never be accepted in their ranks. Judaism says G-d is one and only but they claim their God was a God that entered a person’s body!

(I actually had misgivings about writing this chapter as the first one because their belief is so unrealistic that people would just think the whole article is nuts and stop reading it and we still have 9 parts left!)

Needless to say that the belief in this strange idea that Jesus is a God contradicts the prophecies that the true messiah must be a direct descendant of King David (Mashiach ben David). Meanwhile the new testament claims that Jesus’ mother Mary was a virgin that became impregnated by the “Holy Spirit” and not from any human nor her own husband. This means that according to their own testament, Jesus who they claim was not conceived from a human father, cannot be from David’s descent so he cannot be the messiah.

With or without addressing the claims of prophecies in the scriptures it is very difficult to believe that a rational thinking Jew would believe that the creator of the universe one day decided to go into Mary’s womb and be born a person live as a person and get crucified. This pagan belief that Messianic Jews for Jesus ascribe to borders on total irrationality and knowledge of this irrationality comes way before the need to refute any of their claims about prophecies in the scriptures.

Stay tuned for part 2.
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