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White House: “We won’t insist on Two State Solution”

Trump demands Russia leave the Crimea increasing tensions in U.S. - Russia relations

|י"ט שבט התשע"ז | 15.02.17 | 12:37
White House: “We won’t insist on Two State Solution”
Top of the news:

The White House announced hours before Netanyahu’s meeting with President Donald Trump: “We are interested in peace between Israel and the Palestinians but we will not insist on the two state solution.”

Israel news:

The crane that fell: investigators are checking to see if less metal and concrete than necessary were used putting together the crane. They are checking to see if there was negligence in the construction of the crane that fell yesterday in Bat Yam which injured 4 people and miraculously didn’t kill anyone.

Egged Buses in Yesha that are already bullet proof will be equipped with a GPS navigation system that will in real time show the bus route to the driver.

Investigation Cover Up: Tair Rada was a girl from Katzrin that was killed in school 10 years ago. Ilana Rada, Tair’s mother wanted to recover her daughter’s cell phone and was told by the state prosecutor it was an important piece of evidence and could not be returned. Now 10 years later the  prosecutor’s office admitted they lost the phone. This murder shook up the whole country and even had a very controversial  documentary made about it. It is difficult to believe that in such a controversy, 10 years and 3 court cases later the police and the prosecutors could lose such a pivotal piece of evidence.

Minister of Health Litzman arranges: If you are waiting too long for an operation you can have it done at a different hospital.

Shlomo Neeman was voted head of Gush Etzion Regional Council.


Embassies under siege: Israeli embassies in Egypt and Jordan are threatened by radical Muslim groups. Israel has formal diplomatic relations with both these countries but the embassies are functioning under great stress. The Israeli diplomats must develop relationships under the constant threats from radical Muslims.

Tensions increase between U.S. and Russia as Trump demands Russia leave the Crimea. Reports also talk of a Russian spy ship off the U.S. coast.

Israel weather:

Wednesday: Colder than normal seasonal temperatures. Scattered showers predicted in central Israel to the Northern Negev. Local rains in the north.

Thursday: Periodic rains from the north till the Negev. Chances of flooding. Snow predicted for the Hermon and the north and possible Galilee mountain tops.

Friday: Clear to partly cloudy and colder than normal.

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