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What is Hidabrut? What do we do?

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What is Hidabrut? What do we do?
Hidabrut is a television network and the biggest site for Judaism in the World. It functions from Israel and has over 400 employees that work on behalf of the Jewish nation in about 40 different divisions. We provide original and unique programs dealing with Judaism, news, magazine, women, children, Torah and science, viral, culture and more. On our site has an extensive VOD section based on broadcasted Hidabrut programs alongside varied programs.

The Hidabrut organization founded by Rabbi Zamir Cohen, was established for outreach and explaining Judaism. We believe that because of ignorance and lack of knowledge many Jews don’t know the nice face of Judaism.  We took it upon ourselves to show the beauty of authentic Judaism and make it accessible to the world. Hidabrut creates Jewish content distributed on many varied platforms as detailed below.

Hidabrut Activities

The Hidabrut Channel on channel 97 in the Hot Cable Network

Our channel works 24 hours a day excluding Shabbat and Jewish holidays broadcasting Torah lectures, Character development, Jewish law, marital relationships, education, and programs of current issues, culture, women and more. The channel is very successful and in a 2011 Geocartography Survey, the Hidabrut Channel was considered the leading niche channel in Israel.

The channel is accessed worldwide through decoders form Roko, Amazon, Apple TV, Chrome Custom, and You Tube. We will soon have an English speaking channel in the U.S.

The Hidabrut website, the largest Jewish website in the world

The Hidabrut website has all of the Hidabrut channel’s programs in the VOD section in an updated and pleasant user friendly format. In addition all the other varied content is there in many different sections; current events and issues, Judaism, women, spirituality, Torah and science, family, culture and children. In addition to our content we also have areas of varied activities: ask the rabbi, children’s world, a TV version of ask the rabbi, a reading corner and more. On the average 700,000 people sign into the site and certain pages get up to 3,000,000 hits a month with an average viewing time of 23 minutes.  At this time we are trying to translate our site into 20 different languages to get to Jews speaking in every popular language!

Printed and virtual magazines

Hidabrut produces a printed monthly magazine in full color on glossy paper with our leading articles and content. Every week, “Hidabrut Oneg Shabbat” pamphlets are distributed in thousands of synagogues for people to enjoy Torah content at their Shabbat table. On Thursdays, tens of thousands of subscribers get a weekly virtual magazine the “Hidabrut End of the Week Edition” in their e-mail inboxes. Hidabrut also sends out a daily newsletter and a women’s newsletter called “Kulanah” and a special Q&A newsletter featuring the questions people asked Hidabrut Rabbis and the answers they received.

Conventions and weekend holidays

Every week Hidabrut organizes a number of conventions around Israel with the participation of the Hidabrut Rabbis. In addition there are many weekends in hotels around Israel that people find strengthening and invigorating.  People can stay up to date on upcoming events in the event and vacation section of the website.

For the community

There are sections of the Hidabrut organization devoted to various community needs. The Torah section which specializes in the taking of Challah and in- home seminars, the IMA section standing for Ima Matzilah Oti, my mother is saving me (from abortion), a section to save captive Jewish women, and a section for charity distribution to the needy and more.

Matchmaking websites

Hidabrut maintains 2 successful matchmaking websites. Our older website called “Sheva Berachot” includes over 12,000 potential matches in our databank and over 100 couples got married through it. Another site, The Haredi Shidduch Databank is meant for the Haredi public according to their accepted standards of matchmaking, using the site’s matchmaker as a go-between.

Diaspora section
Hidabrut is currently working to expand its activities around the world and a diaspora section is right now organized to video hundreds of lecturers in all languages. We are also updating our website and translating it into 20 different languages. We are establishing an English Hidabrut channel in Israel and developed a converter to distribute our programs round the world.

Website Staff

Website Manager: Erez Maymon 

Development Director: Haim Gerber                                                                                                                                                

Writers: Ari Waldman, Yossi Vakrat, Yafit Betzalel, and others                                                                                                  

Content Entry: Nossi Tuch                                                                                                                                                              

Video Editor: Chaim Erenfeld                                                                                                                                            

Photographers: Binyamin Sulam, Eran Yaakov

Contact Us:  
+1- 323-984-7349   

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