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Ten Facts about the Book of Psalms-Tehilim

What is the connection between the book of Psalms and Shavuot?


Spiritual Elevation - Rabbi David Kaplan

What is the uniqueness of the Festival of Shavuot? Why did Hashem hang a mountain above the Jewish nation when they received the Torah? Learn how to elevate yourself on this holy Jewish Holiday


Finding G’d’s Hiding Place - Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer

Statistics tell us that more Jews are assimilating than ever before. Where is G-d hiding? How can we reconnect to G-d on Shavuot? Rabbi Fingerer in a short inspiring clip about the significance of  the Festival of Shavuot

History and Archeology

2000 Years Ago They Kept Kosher

Archaeological digging in ancient Jerusalem refuse dumps shows people in Jerusalem ate kosher…

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Seeing the Sounds

Why did God want us to 'see the sounds' when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai? Why was it necessary? What secret was God trying to reveal to us in doing so?