Shavuot 2017

How Can I Bring My Friend (I Mean Myself) to Connect to G-d?

The only thing that will work is kind words to your friend and/or to yourself


An Encounter with G-d

In a phenomenal lecture Rabbi Silver explains how to relive the experience of Shavuot and connect to the spirituality of the Festival.

Torah Study

Torah Learning is Everything

Why is it so important to learn Torah? What effect does your Torah learning have on the planet? Why is Torah learning considered the greatest kindness one can possibly do? Rabbi Zev Leff in a sensational lecture on the significance of Torah Study

Shavuot 2017

Ruth: 10 Facts About Our Amazing Mother of Royalty

King David, Ruth’s great grandson was born and passed away on Shavuot

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Seeing the Sounds

Why did God want us to 'see the sounds' when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai? Why was it necessary? What secret was God trying to reveal to us in doing so?